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The DotG is a kinship based on fighting the "greater evils" that plague Middle Earth. Always searching for the next big challenge, we band together to reach the hardest areas in the game. We stress teamwork, grouping, and solid play styles so that we can take on the toughest instances, the hardest raids, and survive the challenges that prove to be the death of many others.

Achievement is key, and enjoying the journey is a huge part of it. Consistent fellowing and getting to know each other is what we strive for here in the DotG. Our main goal is to reach end-game and have the best possible time while doing it. Drama is one thing that will not be tolerated here, as was just mentioned, we are here to have fun; drama isn't fun for anybody.

We are all about having fun here in the DotG, but when doing raids and difficult instances, we are all business. We raid for success, and that means we won't tolerate people who do not take it seriously. The most important thing to remember is that a kinship is not judged on the things its members say, but on the accomplishments that it makes as a whole. We are here to make a name for ourselves and our members, the Defenders of the Greyflood is a kinship tag that will be worn with pride.

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